Communal Tensions Erupt in Haldwani Amidst Demolition of Illegal Madrasa

Feb 9, 2024 - 00:11
Feb 9, 2024 - 00:11
Communal Tensions Erupt in Haldwani Amidst Demolition of Illegal Madrasa
Communal Tensions Erupt in Haldwani Amidst Demolition of Illegal Madrasa

In a startling turn of events, the demolition of an illegal madrasa and an underground mosque-like structure in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, has sparked communal tensions, leading to violent clashes between locals and law enforcement. The situation escalated as enraged residents hurled stones, set vehicles on fire, and engaged in a confrontation with the police.

The joint operation conducted by the Nainital district administration and local civic authorities aimed to dismantle structures constructed on government land in the Banbhulpura area. The move, termed an anti-encroachment drive, was executed in response to a court order.

As the demolition progressed, the atmosphere became charged, with reports of stone pelting, barricade setting, and vehicular arson. Some police officers and district administration officials sustained injuries during the clashes.

To restore order, the district administration imposed a curfew in the Banbhulpura area, and access roads were barricaded. In response to the escalating violence, the state government issued orders authorizing law enforcement to use lethal force against unruly elements, including shoot-on-sight directives.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami convened an emergency meeting, joined by Chief Secretary Radha Raturi, Director General of Police Uttarakhand Abhinav Kumar, and ADG (Law and Order) AP Anshuman. Dhami clarified that the administration's actions were in compliance with a court order and urged citizens to maintain peace.

SSP Prahlad Meena stated that the madrasa demolition occurred following prior notices to residents and was carried out in the presence of municipal officials. Uttarakhand DGP Abhinav Kumar assured that the situation is currently under control, with injured personnel receiving medical attention.

While tensions remain high, authorities have vowed to identify and take action against those responsible for the violent incidents. The region is on high alert as the government emphasizes a commitment to maintaining law and order during this challenging period.

This story is developing, and updates will be provided as the situation unfolds. Please stay tuned for the latest information.

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