PM Modi called me at 4.30am- Amit Shah's Reply to Rahul Gandhi's fierce attack over Manipur violence

Get the latest updates on Amit Shah's response to Rahul Gandhi's strong criticism regarding the Manipur violence. Read about PM Modi's early morning call and the ongoing debate.

Aug 10, 2023 - 08:28
Aug 10, 2023 - 08:29
PM Modi called me at 4.30am- Amit Shah's Reply to Rahul Gandhi's fierce attack over Manipur violence
Union Home Minister Amit Shah

10th August News Delhi: Amit Shah Counters Rahul Gandhi's Critique of Modi Government's Handling of Manipur Violence

Union Home Minister Amit Shah addressed the ongoing debate surrounding the handling of the Manipur violence during a no-confidence motion debate in the Lok Sabha. In response to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's scathing assessment of the BJP's politics adversely affecting Manipur, Shah emphasized the government's commitment to restoring peace to the region.

Shah disclosed, "I want to let the country know, the Prime Minister called me at 4.30 am, and then woke me up again with a phone call the next day at 6 am. For three straight days, we worked from here to ensure peace." This marked the government's strong response to allegations of inadequate action against the violence.

Shah detailed the intensive efforts undertaken to manage the situation, including holding 16 video conferences, deploying 36,000 CAPF personnel, utilizing air force planes, replacing key officials, and sending advisors. He stressed that these measures were swiftly implemented on May 4 itself.

During the heated Lok Sabha session, Shah appealed for harmony in Manipur and encouraged the feuding Kuki and Meitei communities to engage in dialogue with the Centre for a resolution. A resolution for peace in Manipur was read out by Speaker Om Birla and received enthusiastic support from BJP-led NDA members, with the opposition present as well.

While acknowledging the severity of the events in Manipur, Shah cautioned against politicizing the issue. He echoed concerns about the release of a video depicting the humiliation of two women in Manipur just ahead of the Monsoon session.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to address the debate on August 10, followed by a vote. The government's favorable numbers indicate a predicted outcome in its favor.

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